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Wasp Removal

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Wasp Removal
Our wasp removal services

At Didsbury Pest Control, we can help you with any wasp issues you may be experiencing.

Wasps, unlike bees, do not require a cause for an assault. We urge residents against removing a wasp or hornet nest oneself.

For all wasp and hornet treatments, there is a fee.

In the beginning of the year (January to April), if you discover a wasp or hornet nest on your property, it is almost definitely an old nest from the previous year.
Wasps rarely use the same nest more than once.

Wasps don’t just construct nests in lofts, trees, etc. They can dig tunnels in the earth or create nests in areas like bird boxes or automobile engines.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Any wasp that was not in the nest when the pesticide was applied wasps will likely return. Depending on the product used when they enter, the pesticide will eventually affect them. If they sense danger or see the damage, they may not enter and look for another hive to accept them.
Wasp nests usually last around three to four months during the summer. When we reach the end of summer and temperatures start to drop, so do wasp numbers. The colder weather and lack of food will kill off the nest and the new queens will hibernate ready for the next wasp season.
Worried about a Wasp Nest? It is advised not to attempt to remove a wasp nest if you have a sensitivity to stings. Disturbing a nest will provoke the wasps to attack resulting in stinging as their form of defence.

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